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Surfer - FREE Membership

List 5 Websites
10 Second Surf Timer
Ref bon 10Cr10Ban10Tx
2 Downline Levels
7% 1st level residual
Surf Rewards ($, Cr, imp)
3:1 Ratio (Dynamic Surf)
Email ref every 7 days
15% Comm on upgrades
5% Comm on purchases
Residual Income

Beginner Surfer - $4.99/mo

200 Cr/Ban/Tx per Mo.
List 13 Websites
9 Second Surf Timer
Ref bon 15Cr20Ban20Tx
3 Downline Levels
10% 1st level residual
Surf Rewards ($, Cr, imp)
2:1 Ratio (Dynamic Surf)
Email ref every 4 days
20% Comm on upgrades
10% Comm on purchases
Residual Income

Pro Surfer - $9.99/month

400 Cr/Ban/Tx per Mo.
List 15 Websites
8 Second Timer
Ref B 20Cr25Ban25Tx
3 Downline Levels
11% 1st level residual
Surf Rewards ($, Cr, imp)
3:2 Ratio (Dynamic Surf)
Email every 3 days
25% Comm on upgrades
15% Comm on purchases
Residual Income
Dynamic Upgrades

Epic Surfer - $14.99/mo

600 Cr/Ban/Tx per Mo.
List 25 Websites
6 Second Timer
Ref B 50Cr50Ban50Tx
5 Downline Levels
13% 1st level residual
Surf Rewards ($, Cr, imp)
1:1 Ratio (Dynamic Surf)
Email every day
35% Comm on upgrades
25% Comm on purchases
Residual Income
Dynamic Upgrades

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RedDogSurfer strictly prohibits the use of unsolicited mailings of any kind. Any member found to be using Spam tactics will have their account terminated (all referrals and existing earned commissions and credits will be forfeited).

RedDogSurfer reserves the right to refuse any advertisement and/or website that we feel is inappropriate. This includes but is not limited to the following types of programs:

  • Sites that contain Extreme Adult Content, Pornography, Racial or Hate Issues, Vulgar Language, Illegal content, and Violence
  • Sites promoting HYIP Programs
  • All Auto Surf Programs
  • All Investment Surfs Gambling
  • Paid-To-Click, Paid-To-Read, and Paid-To-Promote Programs
  • Randomizer Programs
  • Any other program which RedDogSurfer deems inappropriate.

If any of these types of sites are found in the exchange, RedDogSurfer reserves the right to immediately suspend the site, and all credits assigned to the site will also be deleted from the account. The decision of RedDogSurfer in these matters is final and not subject to debate.

Additionally, websites will NOT be accepted into our network of member sites if they contain the following: 

  • A Fly-In Ad More than one (1) pop-up window
  • The ability to break out of RedDogSurfer frames
  • Overall content based on a language other than English

RedDogSurfer reserves the right to terminate a member's account if no activity has occurred for six (6) consecutive months. Any existing cash, credits, or referrals in said account will be forfeited. RedDogSurfer members are strictly prohibited from artificially accumulating credits to their account through the use of (but not limited to) any device, program, or robot.

RedDogSurfer discourages the use of rotators. However some rotators are allowed and suggested like PageSwirl.com. The member is totally responsible for the content of the URLs promoted in the rotator. Any rotator found to violate the Terms of Service will be deleted and the member will lose all credits assigned to that rotator. The member also risks losing his or her account, all credits and referrals.

RedDogSurfer, as well as its administrators, partners, and sponsors, can not be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss of information that may occur as a result of using RedDogSurfer services.
By joining and becoming a Member of RedDogSurfer.com I agree to use said services at my own risk and I understand all Members are responsible for any and all aspects of reporting their own affiliate/earned income (for tax purposes, etc.) Until the individual or business reaches an amount of $600 or more within a year. At that time we will require a W-9 Form before paying out any more commissions to the individual or business.

Do Not use Paid to Join programs or you will get your account suspended and/or deleted. We like to offer referral contests and promos where you can earn cash, credits, banner/text links for bringing in referrals. 99% of all members from a Paid To Join (PTJ) program are inactive and may only surf the minimum pages. They only join because they are getting paid to join. We'll be watching to see where all members are coming from when we run various referral promos.

Members have the right to cancel their RedDogSurfer membership at any time. All existing referrals and/or credits and future earning potential through our affiliate program will be forfeited at the time of cancellation.

RedDogSurfer is in no way associated with PayPal.com, Payza, or any other payment processor, and merely uses them to process payments for such things as membership fees, paid advertising, and purchasing credits, etc...

RedDogSurfer.com will not be held responsible or liable for any problems, damages, or losses that may occur with regard to a member's direct association with PayPal, Payza (or other payment source) and any other aspects of their account.

Furthermore, Free Member cash earnings can only be used for the purchase of services such as Credits/Impressions, Promotional Ad Offers including Upgrading their accounts from FREE to PAID Membership at RedDogSurfer.com and can NOT Request a FULL Cash-Out of any amount unless they are an Upgraded Member. Free Members may ONLY Request Cashout of Cash Earned via their Downline Purchases or Upgrades if the amount is greater than the minimum cashout allowed.

Free Members will be manually upgraded to a Pro Level (if approved by management) and only if all requested funds are earnings from Purchases or Upgrades from other who they have referred.
If approved, the Pro Upgrade Membership Fee (for 30 days) will be deducted from the amount owing and only the balance will be Paid - this is assuming the minimum requested amount is from earnings received from purchases or upgrade fee commissions.

Should FREE Members make a Cash-Out Request and if the amount requested is more than what they have Earned via their Downline Members Purchases then management reserves the right to refuse the cashout request.

Maintaining any Membership Upgrade is the responsibility of the Member and if possible the member should consider setting up auto payments through one of the processors available to avoid losing any Pro Member privileges.

If a Free Member has Earned a balance of $35 from their Downline/Referrals via Purchases/Upgrades then they could easily go to the Upgrade Page in the Members Area and use Commission Earnings to pay for an Upgrade to any one of the Levels available and if their balance is still $15 or more (this is minimum amount for Cash-Out Request) they can then Request Cash-Out of $15 or more of what is available.

Refund Policy:

We do not have a stated refund policy.. Because there is no physical product.

Each and every situation is considered on its own merit, and if the situation falls under the Terms and Conditions.. we will follow those as our guidelines.

However, RedDogSurfer (my business) is a reflection of my personal integrity, if in the event a Member Upgrades through a Payment Processor and has a change of mind with-in 3 Days of first setting up the payment arrangement then I have no problem with making instant refunds as soon as I am provided with a request, and the service or credits, banner/text impressions have not been used in Full or in Part. However, should any of the services or credits, banner/text impressions are used in full or in part then a Refund may not be granted.

If a Member has an Automatic Payment arrangement setup through any Payment processor (such as Paypal or Payza) and wishes to cancel future monthly payments then it is the Members Responsibility to Cancel the arrangement directly with the Processor Website before the following months membership fees are due to be paid, should they fail to Cancel before the payment is made then Refund of that following month may not be granted and their membership will be extended until the next expected payment date.

RedDogSurfer reserves the right to change, alter, or add to these terms and conditions as well as discontinue any of our services at any time.

Member Statement:

I have thoroughly read and understand the RedDogSurfer terms and conditions. In joining and/or purchasing a RedDogSurfer membership I am automatically agreeing to said terms/conditions and any amendments which may be added in the future.

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